Digital images of the Royal Society’s oil paintings have now been added to the ‘Your Paintings‘ website. This national project (a joint venture between the Public Catalogue Foundation and the BBC) aims to feature all of the UK’s paintings from public and other institutions in one single online interactive catalogue. The database now contains over 200,000 images.

Portrait of Frederick Gowland Hopkins FRS, by Meredith Frampton, 1938. Oil on canvas.

We have researched, catalogued and digitised each painting for inclusion in this project. Exhibiting the images on such a website will increase access to the collection, and we hope that further information will come to light as historians begin to study the works. Each entry on ‘Your Paintings’ links directly to its corresponding record on the Royal Society Picture Library to allow users to read about the paintings in more depth and to explore other pictures in the Royal Society’s collections.

That might be all the oil paintings digitized and catalogued and viewable online, but we still have thousands of other pictures to add to the Royal Society Picture Library. Images are uploaded each week, so keep logging on to see what’s new!

Sir Christopher Wren FRS, by John Closterman, ca. 1690. Oil on canvas.

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