Tracking radar

12 March 2019 by

You may have missed the recent anniversary of the Daventry Experiment, the first successful test of radar technology in the…

Satellite insights

24 July 2018 by

Having recently joined the Royal Society as the new Modern Records Archivist, I’m finding myself very much in awe of…

Lab notes and doodles

11 November 2016 by

The Royal Society archive is pleased to announce that Rosa Beddington’s papers are now ready to be viewed by researchers….

Samuel Pepys

Pepys and the Royal Society

17 December 2015 by

The National Maritime Museum is currently celebrating the life and times of Stuart London’s most celebrated diarist, Samuel Pepys (1633-1703),…

Sir Bernard Lovell FRS

The making of Jodrell Bank

16 November 2015 by

As a small child I vividly remember visiting Jodrell Bank and being awestruck by the enormous radio telescope. I also went spinning…