After the war

19 June 2018 by

You can now book tickets for our one-day conference on 13 September, ‘Science and the First World War: the aftermath’….

Euclid on display

12 June 2018 by

Euclid’s Elements of Geometry holds a unique position among scientific texts, and for good reason. Historically, it is second only…

Grisly bears

5 June 2018 by

Have you all been watching the television adaption of ‘The Terror’, the fictionalised, final (and fatal) voyage of Sir John…

Mathematical treasures

29 May 2018 by

The formation of a collection including mathematical books, instruments and manuscripts was integral to the foundation of the Royal Society…

The gift of 1843

22 May 2018 by

In October 1843 a package of cyanotype photographs was delivered to the Royal Society. It had not been donated by…