resilience-coverAt the end of last year the Royal Society launched a new policy report ‘Resilience to extreme weather’ which looked at trends in the occurrence and impact of extreme weather, the drivers of those trends and how communities can protect themselves and build resilience to extreme weather.

Recommendations ranged from the need for alignment of the international agreements on disasters, sustainable development and climate change to the need to use a portfolio of defensive measures at the local level.

The report was developed by an expert working group over the course of 18 months but the launch marks only the halfway point in project, with the focus now being on disseminating and encouraging the implementation of the report recommendations.

To continue the conversation around the report we’re launching a new blog series ‘Resilience in brief’, which will complement our other posts about report dissemination and wider policy developments. This blog series will comprise short posts inspired by quotes and themes in the report which we hope will be a starting point for discussions with In Verba readers.

Kicking off this blog series is a post about the ‘resilience deficit’ concept.

Read the full ‘Resilience to extreme weather’ report, or the executive summary.