Professor Alex Halliday

Professor Alex Halliday will lead the Society’s response

In the Government Science and Innovation Strategy published in December last year, Government Ministers have asked Sir Paul Nurse to lead an Advisory Group to review, with Research Councils, how they can evolve to support research in the most effective ways. The Review is being carried out by Sir Paul in his personal capacity without direct involvement of the Society.

A call for evidence to inform the Review has been issued, and the Society is planning to submit a response. The response will be overseen by the Society’s Council and a Working Group chaired by Professor Alex Halliday, Vice-President of the Society, has been set up to prepare it. Appropriate governance processes are in place to ensure the Society’s response is independent from Sir Paul’s review.

Fellows wishing to contribute to the Society’s submission to the consultation should contact Alessandro Allegra at the Science Policy Centre (

Update – May 2015

The Society’s response has now been submitted to the Review secretariat.