Philosophical Transactions B is our theme issue journal dedicated to the biological sciences, and has just finished a series of exciting neuroscience and cognition issues. Its Senior Commissioning Editor, Helen Eaton, takes the opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights of the past few months as she prepares for the forthcoming Federation of European Neuroscience Societies meeting in July.

“As always, I’ve enjoyed working with our fantastic Guest Editors and authors, and it’s been particularly exciting to publish issues by some of our Royal Society Fellows and grant holders over the last few months. I was delighted that Dr Dora Biro, one of our University Research Fellows edited an issue on ‘Tool use as adaptation’, and I was particularly pleased that two of our recent Guest Editors, Professor Dorothy Bishop and Dr Karalyn Patterson have both recently been elected to the Fellowship.

One of my highlights was the fascinating meeting organised by three Royal Society Fellows, Professor Tim Bliss, Professor Graham Collingridge and Professor Richard Morris, to celebrate 40 years of research into long-term potentiation (LTP).


The organisers put together a bumper issue of Phil Trans B to coincide with the meeting containing 34 research and review papers by speakers at the event, providing a lasting tribute to the continuing research in this field. My colleagues and I particularly relished the opportunity to interview some of the leading researchers in this area about the meeting and the future of the field.

RSTB_368_1631_Cover_RSTB_368_1631_CoverMany of our recent issues have focused on how animals and humans process and interact with the world around us, from issues on attention and awareness at the neural level, to ones highlighting research in vision and the mirror neuron mechanism. We also looked at timing and spatial awareness (visit the website to watch an interview with the Guest Editors). There’s also a lot to be learnt from studying what happens when things go wrong, such as in language disorders and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism. Access all these issues and more here.
One topic that generated a lot of attention was ‘Female competition and aggression’, edited by Anne Campbell and Paula Stockley. This brought together different aspects of study into this often overlooked behaviour in both humans and other animals.

Whilst we’re taking a short break from neuroscience now to focus on some of our other areas, keep up to date with future publications by signing up to our alerts. Topics in the pipeline include language evolution, rhythm in communication, network theory applied to the brain, epigenetics and goal-directed decision-making.

If you have an idea for a topic and would be interested in editing an issue I would be very pleased to hear from you ( And if you are attending the FENS meeting in Milan, come and meet me in the exhibition hall.”

Helen Eaton
Senior Commissioning Editor, Philosophical Transactions B

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