Open Access conferenceLast February, representatives from Government, funders, libraries, university administrators, Learned Societies, publishers and researchers came together at a conference, sponsored by five of the leading British Learned Societies, to discuss the challenges of implementing UK Government policy on Open Access (OA) publication and the policies of research funders that have followed it.


Three key themes emerged from the day’s presentations and discussions: that all stakeholders need to work together constructively to move away from the polemical to the practical, that clarity regarding the policies of research funders is essential, and the needs and concerns of researchers must be addressed. Recognising the important role that Learned Societies have to play in facilitating the further development and implementation of OA among the UK’s scientific research communities, the five which that organised and sponsored the event will work to build awareness of, and support for, OA amongst our members, and for those of us who have a publishing arm, our authors. You can read the full statement here.

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