In the July edition of R.Science, we bring you some highlights of this year’s Summer Science Exhibition and discover more about some of the exciting research forming our Year of Science and Industry. We investigate whether we will ever have emotionally convincing android voices, discover how technology can help environmental sciences and learn about the uses of applying quantum mechanics to information systems. We also find out more about what our Industry Fellows are researching and finally we hear two of the most intriguing questions put to the exhibitors at the Summer Science Exhibition and how they answered them.

Dr Matthew Aylett on emotional androids
07:21 Sadia Ahmed on technology for nature
09:18 Dr Andrew Shields on the quantum revolution
12:21 Professor Karen Wilson on catalysts for making biofuels
13:50 Dr James Curran on the benefits of the Industry Fellowship
15:10 Professor Katherine Smart on technology for brewing
18:39 Sir Paul Nurse asks the winning questions from schools to exhibitors from the Summer Science Exhibition.

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