This month we celebrate our 50th episode of the R.Science podcast. Every episode we ask one of our guests, “Why science?”, so for this episode we are showcasing some of the best answers we’ve heard over the past 4 years. Highlights include Professor Brian Cox OBE, Sir David Attenborough FRS, Carol Vorderman and the students of Britannia Village Primary School.

01:45 Sir David Attenborough FRS.

02:41 Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS.

03:34  Professor Henry Pollack.

04:25 Dr Olivier Restif.

05:15 Carol Vordermann MBE.

05:40 Professor Colin Pillinger CBE FRS.

06:29 Professor Jonathan Ashmore FRS.

06:58 Jasper Fforde.

08:05 Britannia Village Primary School students.

08:50 Professor Geoffrey Boulton OBE FRS.

10:36 Professor Brian Cox OBE.

11:06 Sir John Sulston FRS.

12:50 Dr Max Little.

13:56 Professor Helga Nowotny.

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