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Meet the Team – Solar nanotech

Posted by on 7 June 2011

As you can see from our Scientist profiles, we have been helping you to get to know some of the scientists that you will be able to talk to at the Exhibition. However there are far more scientists than these working on the exhibits this summer. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting blogs similar to this with bits of information about the rest of the teams. First off is the Solar nanotech team.   

Professor Wendy Flavell’s full profile can be found on the Scientist page.

The rest of the team include… 

Professor Chris Pickett, University of East Anglia
What is the best thing about being a scientist?
The creativity of chemistry and its lucky surprises – it’s pretty neat being able to bring new molecules into the universe which probably didn’t exist before…by design or accident!
Professor Robin Perutz FRS, University of York
If you could go back in time, which scientist would you like to meet and what would you ask them?
I’d like to meet Michael Faraday and ask him how he designed his demonstrations of the paramagnetism of oxygen.

Dr David Binks, University of Manchester
What do you think is the most important thing yet to be discovered/invented?
I think working out how to get the energy we need without damaging the environment is probably the most important challenge facing society today. If we don’t manage that then human civilisation might end up going backwards rather than forwards.

Partners for this exhibit also include the SolarCap consortium and the University of Nottingham.