… they’re all now available as video and audio presentations on the Royal Society website, so I thought I’d put together a handy list of what’s available – see below. Seven of the nine presentations include the lecturer’s slides as well as the audio soundtrack; a couple would have been rather complicated in terms of commercially copyrighted images, so we’ve released these in audio-only format.

And yes, all nine lectures begin with me waffling about housekeeping instructions (mobile phones, questionnaires and so on), so do feel free to skip the first minute or so of each presentation! We hope you enjoy them, anyway; comments and feedback are always welcome.


Video presentations:

The Royal Society and science fiction (Professor Farah Mendlesohn)

Vesuvius: volcanic laboratory or miracle of divine intervention? (Gillian Darley)

Staphylococcus aureus – biography of a bug sometimes super, most often not (Professor Hugh Pennington CBE)

Women’s work: Dorothy Hodgkin and the culture and craft of X-ray crystallography (Georgina Ferry)

Francis Crick: anti-vitalist activist (Dr Christine Aicardi)

The medieval science of light: uncovering meaning with an interdisciplinary methodology (Professor Tom McLeish FRS, Dr Giles Gasper and Dr Hannah Smithson)

(Re)Inventing science publishing: the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society from the 17th to the 20th century (Dr Julie McDougall-Waters and Dr Noah Moxham)


Audio presentations:

Experiments in paint: Reynolds, chemistry and the Royal Society (Dr Matthew Hunter)

The image of Restoration science: the frontispiece of Sprat’s History of the Royal Society (Professor Michael Hunter)


Dorothy Hodgkin FRS © Godfrey Argent Studios.
Royal Society ref. IM/GA/WS/2717


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