There’s still time to buy Christmas presents from the Royal Society Print Shop. A mixture of unique illustrations from scientific manuscripts and beautiful reproductions from printed books, the Print Shop draws on the visual resources of the Society’s collections to provide high quality framed prints, postcards and canvases. Here are some of our most popular prints of 2018 to inspire you, so why not gift a piece of scientific history this year and give a present that will last.


From the first book published with photographic images, a cyanotype impression of Sea lace (Chorda filum) by Anna Atkins, ‘Photographs of British algae’, 1843.


From the second book ever published by the Royal Society, a microscopic view of a flea by Robert Hooke, ‘Micrographia’, 1665.


Beautiful ‘art forms in nature’ from biologist and talented artist Ernst Haeckel. ‘Muscinae’ [mosses] and ‘Trochilidae’ [humming birds], ‘Kunstformen der natur’ by Ernst Haeckel, 1899-1904.


The Dodo and Guinea Pig, the latter shown for scale, is a popular engraving by natural history painter George Edwards. ‘Gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, &c…’, by George Edwards, volume 2, 1760.


You can’t go wrong with two of the most important people in scientific history. Portrait of Charles Darwin by Mabel Messer, after John Collier, 1912. Late portrait of Isaac Newton by John Vanderbank, 1727.


To ensure your gift arrives in time for Christmas, all orders from the UK need to be placed by Sunday 16 December, whether for framed or unframed prints or canvases. The last order dates for other countries depend on location and picture format – please take a look at this table for full details of postage deadlines. Happy shopping!


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