Line of flight

24 March 2020 by

A little girl turns the pages of a decorated book in a deserted sitting-room, poring over its frozen vignettes: ‘Each…

Idle hands

21 January 2020 by

Care for the removal of fingers, Yakuza style? Then try scribbling in a book under the eyes of a reading…

Say it with flowers

1 October 2019 by

I had some awareness of the Victorians’ mild obsession with reading coded meanings into gifts of flowers, but I’ve been…

Sea of sand

27 August 2019 by

Every so often, I come across an election certificate of a Fellow of the Royal Society that triggers a reaction….

Sea change

23 July 2019 by

My summer reading has included Charles Sprawson’s wonderfully engaging book on immersive history Haunts of the black masseur. Now what…