Animal magic

9 March 2018 by

Recently, I was re-reading In a Glass Darkly, short stories by the Irish Gothic writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873)…

Wishing Wells

8 February 2018 by

It’s always a nice coincidence when our activities happen to coincide with my own favourite topics (honestly, I don’t plan…

Who dropped the ball?

17 August 2016 by

We often speak of books, movies or their successful authors making a bit of a splash. Although you may not…


Opening envelopes

22 April 2016 by

High over a tranquil English landscape, a life-or-death struggle is taking place. A balloon is locked into a stratospheric rise,…

Lissajous curves created by a harmonograph

Swinging art

9 July 2015 by

You probably won’t be surprised to read that among my vices is a serious second-hand bookshop habit; another is a…