King Lion

21 April 2020 by

For as long as there have been learned societies there have been banquets, dinners and dining clubs for the members….

Terra nullius?

7 April 2020 by

Earlier this year, I had a class on settler colonialism in Australia as part of my Master’s degree. One article…

Unwrapping Norfolk’s mummy

17 March 2020 by

I recently visited the excellent Tutankhamun exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. It’s an amazing collection of artefacts and…

A plaque for Papin

10 March 2020 by

What’s the link between the Royal Society, pressure cookers, a village in central France, and St Bride’s Church in London…

Louis Brrrrnacchi

3 March 2020 by

I‘ve recently been delving into the Royal Society’s Meteorological Archives, and have found some fascinating gems. My favourites so far…