Cash in the archive

11 June 2019 by

The Royal Society has many connections with Chinese scientific and historical institutions. Our Foreign Secretary Professor Richard Catlow FRS, and…

Flamsteed observed

14 May 2019 by

As I made my way through volume 62 of our New Letter Book series, which contains outgoing correspondence from 1922,…

Reverting to type

7 May 2019 by

In today’s world of smartphones, tablets and other gadgetry, you’d be forgiven for not sparing much thought for the precursors…


9 April 2019 by

Peer review has been an essential step in the process of academic publishing for centuries. As a cataloguer for the…

Retro radiography

27 November 2018 by

When Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the new ‘X-ray’ in 1895, James Mackenzie Davidson was quick to realise the opportunities that it afforded….