King Lion

21 April 2020 by

For as long as there have been learned societies there have been banquets, dinners and dining clubs for the members….

Unwrapping Norfolk’s mummy

17 March 2020 by

I recently visited the excellent Tutankhamun exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. It’s an amazing collection of artefacts and…

A plaque for Papin

10 March 2020 by

What’s the link between the Royal Society, pressure cookers, a village in central France, and St Bride’s Church in London…

Louis Brrrrnacchi

3 March 2020 by

I‘ve recently been delving into the Royal Society’s Meteorological Archives, and have found some fascinating gems. My favourites so far…


25 February 2020 by

Anyone who has been on a tour of our Library will likely be familiar with the Royal Society ‘Scrapbook’, a…