What is an ideal culture of research? What would this look like within your organisation? And how could you start your journey towards this ideal? The Royal Society is inviting YOU to use its innovative Visions of 2035 workshop to join us in a conversation about the future of research culture. Use these thought-provoking materials to contemplate how you and your organisation might reshape the culture of research.

Research culture is an umbrella term which includes everything a researcher does that isn’t research, including issues around collaboration, research integrity, career paths and publishing.

Over the past year as part of the research culture programme, the Society has run 20 events, in 15 different locations, engaging over 1000 individuals in conversations about what their future idealised research culture could look like. During this period demand for the workshop has grown, with people from across the UK and the world inviting the Society to run it at their conferences and meetings.

Seizing the opportunity to continue to support ongoing discussions about research culture, the Society is now making the materials open access; allowing people to organise their own workshops and creating a sustained conversation around research culture.


Images provided by Warwick Scientific Services


What is Visions of 2035?

Visions of 2035 is an innovative, highly flexible, modular futures workshop. The Visions of 2035 workshop uses speculative design scenarios and the Museum of Extraordinary Objects to inspire new thinking about what an idealised research culture in 2035 could look like. This could be both in terms of big systems change, for example around the way promotion is managed within an organisation or how research integrity is embedded within everyday practice; to small changes such as research leaders leading by example when it comes to promoting good work/life balance or colleagues demonstrating a respect for a broad range of career paths.

Why should I get involved?

Research culture is important and this workshop can help you and your colleagues to think about it differently. The scope and quality of research, and the individuals who carry it out, are all impacted by research culture. Therefore, influencing the culture of research within your organisation has huge potential as a way to support excellence. Running the Visions of 2035 workshop will give you the opportunity to bring the conversation surrounding research culture back to your own work environment, and to think how it might be changed for the better.

Who can get involved?

Everyone! Research culture influences and is influenced by everyone in the science community, and the Society wants everyone to contribute to the conversation. We encourage anyone in the research environment to consider running a workshop. For example it could be used by senior leaders to help think about the future at a strategic level; it could be used by researcher career development officers to think about their offering to researchers in changing work environment; it could be used by individuals to think about mapping a future career paths.

How do I get involved?

Download the facilitation pack. It is easy to set up your own workshop. Simply download the pack and follow the step-by-step guide.