A new volume of the Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society – the second of two editions published this year – is now available online.

The 23 memoirs in this volume cover a variety of disciplines, including particle physics, molecular and cellular biology, analytical chemistry, and animal behaviour.

Highlights include the Nobel prizewinning work of former Royal Society President Andrew Huxley who, with Alan Hodgkin, made the first ever recording of a nerve action potential; and another Nobel prizewinning Fellow, Rogen Tsien, who is celebrated here for his work on green-fluorescent protein (GFP) expression.

Helen Muir in 1966.

We also celebrate some of our early female Fellows. The memoirs of Joan Anderson, Brigitte Askonas and Helen Muir illustrate their experiences and successes in male-dominated research environments, in the fields of plant cell biology, immunology, and rheumatology, respectively.

We hope you enjoy learning about the lives of these Fellows and the lasting impact they have had in their fields.

To read the latest volume or browse all the memoirs we’ve published please visit the Biographical Memoirs website.

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