gProfessor Rick Battarbee FRS, is a limnologist specialising in diatom palaeoecology. His early work was concerned with the development of palaeolimnological techniques needed to reconstruct the recent history of lakes suffering from eutrophication. However, for most of his career, along with his group at the Environmental Change Research Centre, UCL, he has focussed on surface water acidification issues. His current work is concerned with the biological response of acidified lakes to the major reductions in acid deposition that have taken place in the UK over the last 25 years, based on data from the UK’s Upland Waters Monitoring Network.

“As the new Editor-in-Chief of Biology Letters I hope to continue strengthening the journal by extending its range of subject areas to include all strands of biology, targeting initially the environmental and ecological sciences. A greater emphasis will be placed on making more explicit connections with issues of societal interest, such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity, water resources and food security; themes central to the new ‘Future Earth’ agenda.

I have also indicated my wish for Biology Letters to begin publishing ‘Reviews’ as a new article type. The intention is for Reviews to reflect the style of Biology Letters by being concise (maximum 5000 words) and sharply focussed, covering emerging topics and debates of interest to our broad readership. Consequently we will soon be inviting ideas for Review topics to be submitted across the full range of subject areas covered by the journal and we will be commissioning reviews on specific topics in those areas of biological science we are seeking to strengthen.”


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