It’s just one month to go now until the 350th anniversary of Philosophical Transactions on 6th March. One of the many celebratory projects is the publication of two very special issues looking back at some of the landmark papers published in Philosophical Transactions over the last 350 years. Each issue will include commentaries from leading scientists, historians and science writers telling us about the history of the papers, the authors and how the fields have developed.

Now and then - 350 years of Philosophical Transactions

We are now pleased to announce the contents of the two issues. Philosophical Transactions A, covering the physical sciences, will look at famous papers by Newton, Faraday, Maxwell and many more, and includes contributions from modern day inspiring scientists and communicators such as Jim Al-khalili, Emily Winterburn and Patricia Fara. Highlights in Philosophical Transactions B (biological sciences) are Leewenhoeck’s first descriptions of microscopic creatures, Alan Turing’s ‘Chemical basis of morphogenesis’ and Sloane’s account of inoculation. Contributors include Nick Lane, Philip Ball and Elizabeth Simpson. A full line up is available on the websites linked to above, along with links to the original papers.

All of the commentaries will be absolutely free to read online once published on 6th March. In addition, we will be making the original papers free to access. We will also be providing previously unseen examples of the original manuscripts and illustrations in the original handwriting, plus video interviews and blog posts from the commentary authors.

So join us in counting down the days until we celebrate 350 years of inspiring science!

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