ORCIDThe Royal Society now provides authors with the option to include an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) during the article submission process. ORCIDs, a sixteen digit identifier, will be displayed in the published article, along with the green ‘iD’ logo.

The goal of ORCID is for all researchers to have a unique identifier in order to disambiguate them from others with the same name. A major benefit for the researcher is the opportunity to reduce the amount of repetitive and tedious form-filling when applying for grants and submitting journal articles. A researcher’s ORCID record contains information such as publication record and employment history (it is up to the researcher regarding how much they want to include). Major publishers and funders are integrating the ORCID into their workflow, so that data can be ‘pulled’ and ‘pushed’ between systems to speed up the journal article/grant submission process.

We urge all our authors to register for an ORCID and to include it in their next article submission. You will be joining over 700,000 researchers who are already registered!

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