Philosophical Transactions A and B are the Royal Society’s Theme Issue journals, publishing collections of papers on emerging, interdisciplinary topics across the sciences. Take a look at the Theme Issues we published in Philosophical Transactions in July. Publications last month covered evolutionary complexity, computational modelling for more environmentally friendly aircraft, and the biology of the centrosome.

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RSTB_369_1649_Cover_RSTB_369_1649_CoverPhenotypic integration and modularity in plants and animals

Editor: W Scott Armbruster

Organism complexity is an area of longstanding interest in evolutionary biology. How does complexity arise and how is it functionally organised? Two aspects of complexity are of particular concern, and are considered in this theme issue: the degree to which features are integrated or intercorrelated and the degree to which they are grouped into clusters or modules.



Eddy resolving simulation of an aircraft at transonic conditions - courtesy of Vincent Brunet at ONERA Applied Aerodynamics Department.Aerodynamics, computers and the environment

Editors: Paul Tucker and James DeBonis

In the face of climate change, the continued growth of the world’s aircraft fleet presents a cause for concern. The aerodynamic performance of aircraft, and hence their efficiency, has traditionally been difficult to predict, but the increasing power of computers is now allowing simulation to replace experiments. This issue looks at the environmental impact of air travel over the next 20 years, and how computers will play a role in building more environmentally friendly aircraft.


RSTB_369_1650_Cover_RSTB_369_1650_CoverThe centrosome renaissance

Editors: Michel Bornens and Pierre Gönczy

The centrosome acts as the main microtubule organising centre of animal cells and is particularly important during mitosis. This theme issue highlights current knowledge of centrosomes in animal cells, looking at its function and roles in both healthy and diseased cells across a range of species. It also looks back at the history of the field, and includes a unique contribution on Theodor Boveri, who pioneered work on the centrosome well over a century ago.


Phil Trans A issue 2023Shock and Blast: Celebrating the Centenary of Bertram Hopkinson’s seminal paper of 1914 (Part 2)

Editors: Daniel Eakins, John Field, Hugh MacGillivray, Fabrice Pierron, Clive Siviour, Stephen Walley

One hundred years ago, a method for measuring the pressure produced in explosions was published in Philosophical Transactions A by Bertram Hopkinson. This technique proved invaluable to the British war effort during World War I, and the paper continues to be cited to this day. This issue celebrates the centenary of Hopkinson’s paper by highlighting the depth and diversity of the field that grew out of his notable work.

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