Philosophical Transactions A and B are the Royal Society’s Theme Issue journals, publishing collections of papers on emerging, interdisciplinary topics across the sciences. Take a look at the Theme Issues we published in Philosophical Transactions in June. Publications last month covered the relationship between climate and the Southern Ocean, the use of free-electron X-ray lasers in biology, multiscale systems in fluids and soft matter, and an issue celebrating the scientific career of Leslie Gottlieb, an influential evolutionary biologist.

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The Southern Ocean: new insights into circulation, carbon and climatePTA2019
Editors: Andrew J. Watson, John Marshall and Michael P. Meredith

The Southern Ocean is crucial to the climate of this planet, but its unique geometry has caused scientists to struggle to understand its dynamics. This issue brings together researchers of the physical climate system with carbon cycle scientists to discuss many of the unresolved issues relating to the Southern Ocean




Biology with free-electron X-ray lasers

Editors: John Spence and Henry ChapmanRSTB_369_1647_Cover_RSTB_369_1647_Cover

The recent invention of the hard X-ray laser (XFEL) has opened new vistas for structural and dynamic biology. This issue reviews the latest work, outlines opportunities for future research, and describes the new techniques which take advantage of the atomic spatial resolution and femtosecond time resolution of the XFEL.



Stability, separation and close body interactions
untitledEditors: Jitesh S. B. Gajjar

This issue surveys the latest developments in stability and transition of channel and boundary-layer flows. Many of the papers have been influenced by the research of Professor Frank T. Smith who has made important contributions in this area over the last 45 years. This issue is dedicated to Professor Smith on the occasion of his 65th birthday.




Contemporary and future studies in plant speciation, morphological-floral evolution and polyploidyRSTB_369_1648_Cover_RSTB_369_1648_Cover
Editors: Daniel Crawford, Jeffrey Doyle, Douglas Soltis, Pamela Soltis and Jonathan Wendel

This issue celebrates the scientific career of Leslie Gottlieb, a distinguished researcher of plant evolutionary biology, who died in 2012. The papers in this issue discuss results from leading experts today within the context of Gottlieb’s views on several areas of plant evolution. The same questions, and in some cases the same plants, that interested him are commanding the attention of contemporary workers employing cutting edge techniques today. Read more about this issue in an interview with one of the guest editors.


Multiscale systems in fluids and soft matter: approaches, numerics, and applications

untitledEditors: Sergey Karabasov, Dmitry Nerukh, Alfons Hoekstra, Bastien Chopard and Peter Coveney

Multiscale modelling involves solving physical problems that have important features at multiple scales, ranging from protein conformational dynamics to nuclear reactor physics to astrophysics. Despite the wide range of subject areas involved, there are many common challenges in multiscale modelling. This issue aims to identify common approaches for dealing with multiscale problems across different applications in fluid and soft matter systems, and to develop practical applications from the modelling results.

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