Between now and January 2019 our digital publishing will be migrating to Atypon’s Literatum platform.

We are moving to a new platform to make the process of delivering journal articles to readers easier. It will be more flexible for administrators of institutional accounts and faster for the publishing team here.

Access to the journals will continue as normal throughout the migration, and afterwards the journals will look and feel very similar to the way they are now.

The new platform will allow our journals to be mobile friendly, and includes tools for readers to collaborate and create automated or curated topic collections.

For librarians, there will be flexible access management by individual and IP range. Enhanced drag-and-drop report creation will make reporting on our journals more adaptable for each institution. As Literatum is a widely used platform, many people who manage institutional accounts will already be familiar with the administrative tools.

As part of the process, we are asking account administrators to take two important actions:

  1. The cut-off date for account changes such as IP amendments, institutional logos and other administrative details is 14 November 2018. Any changes made to customer accounts after this date will not be migrated to the new platform so please make sure your information is up to date. You will be able to make changes on Literatum once you have activated your new account.
  2. Please download your historic usage data from our existing Highwire platform by 31 December 2018. Usage data for 2017 and 2018 will be migrated to the new platform and be available from February 2019.

Your username and password will change after migration. We will contact you when the new accounts are ready to be activated, so please also look out for this email.

For more on the migration including FAQs for librarians and a migration checklist you can see the migration information pages.

If you manage an account on behalf of an institution (or even if you don’t) and have any questions please contact us at

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