light_blue_alt publonsPeer review is a fundamental process in scholarly publishing and indeed has been crucial to the operation of the Royal Society’s journals for almost 200 years. However, we recognize that today there are increasing demands on scientists’ working life, and appreciate the effort spent by the numerous individuals who give up their time performing peer review for Proceedings B. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that Proceedings B has integrated with Publons for a trial period, in order to enable reviewers to be recognized for their vital work for our journal.

Publons is a reviewer recognition service allowing reviews to be verified with credit awarded to reviewers regardless of whether the article was subsequently published in this or any other journal. Reviewers who use Publons can then build up credit scores to record activities and services to the scientific community. This information may be of considerable value to young scientists as it can be included in resumes, job applications, promotion documents and funding applications.

By integrating with Publons our system allows reviewers to claim their previously verified reviews online, adding them directly to their reviewer profile. The intention of this integration is to make the process of gaining credit easier and more efficient. Editor-in-Chief Spencer Barrett has given his full support to this trial period between Proc B and Publons “I believe this is a useful mechanism to encourage reviewing, particularly because our implementation of Publons will still mean that reviewers retain their anonymity but at the same time obtain credit for all their efforts”. We hope that our reviewers will take advantage of this service and gain credit for the work they undertake for the journal.

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