The Royal Society Publishing Open Access Membership Programme continues to grow in the US with the addition of University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In a sign of growing adoption of the OA model in North America, UMass Amherst joins other leading members including the University of California, Iowa State and MIT Libraries, in providing a framework to financially support publication using the open access model.

“We’re looking forward to reading submissions from the many exciting research programmes at UMass Amherst,” said Rebecca Ashworth, Open Access Consultant, Royal Society Publishing. “Our membership programme is flexible to help institutions provide the most appropriate support for their researchers. With an increasing number of funders mandating OA publication this kind of endorsement from universities is vital.”

Professor Lynn Adler, who researches the ecology and evolution of insect–plant interactions at UMass Amherst said, “We had an opportunity to transfer a reviewed manuscript to Royal Society Open Science. This was a very appealing opportunity since Royal Society Open Science is a strong journal and transferring could speed up the publication process. However, we were hesitant due to the open access fees. University membership provides a substantial discount that makes the cost more accessible, which facilitates our ability to publish our research in strong journals in a timely fashion.”

“The UMass Amherst Libraries are delighted to partner with the Royal Society to support our researchers’ interest in open access publishing,” said Laura Quilter, Librarian and Copyright Attorney. “Our membership with the Royal Society is a win-win-win: Providing access to UMass faculty and student research benefits our researchers, supports researchers all over the world in advancing science, and welcomes the public into the research they have already paid for. We believe that our faculty and student research is so good, everyone should have access to it!”

Find out more about Standard and Prepay Open Access Membership options with Royal Society Publishing.

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