In this episode, we ask if growing old is an illness, hear about the potential of stem cells to treat visual impairment and discuss the prospect of personal avatars in computational biomedicine. We also explore the perils of predicting the weather and celebrate the work of Darwin’s friend, Sir John Lubbock.

00:40 Dr John Clark on Sir John Lubbock,
07:40 Dr Rachel Pearson from the Edinburgh Science Festival on her work using stem cells to treat visual impairment,
13:07 Prof Peter Coveney FRS and Prof Peter Hunter FRS on computational biomedicine for Interface Focus,
19:05 Dr Matthew Piper URF on his Cafe Scientifique: Is growing old an illness?
25:05 David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, Tim Palmer FRS, Professor of Climate Physics, and Liz Howell, Head of BBC Weather on predicting and reporting adverse weather,
32:57 Dr Rachel Pearson answers, Why Science?

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