This month’s episode is a climate science special, as the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences release a joint publication outlining the evidence for and causes of climate change, offering an accessible overview of climate-change science. In this episiode, find out more about this joint report from the lead UK scientist, discover to what extent – if any – extreme weather events experienced here in the UK can be attributed to climate change, and find out what we may be able to do to mediate and prepare for further impacts of climate change.

0:35 Professor Eric Wolff FRS talks about the joint Royal Society and National Academy of Sciences publication

4:25 Youba Sokona discusses the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

7:31 Professor Mark Pelling talks about the difficulties in what can and can’t be attributed to the effects of climate change

9:35 Professor Georgina Mace CBE FRS discusses the options we have to deal with climate change in the future

14:21 Professor Saiful Islam talks about his work in computational chemistry and how this can assist in our efforts to live a little ‘greener’.

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