This month’s episode of the podcast is all about public engagement and science education. It features a conversation with Bill Bryson and why he was drawn into science, interviews with some of our Research Fellows attending their bi-annual get-together, some insights into creativity in science and why scientists should engage with the public, as well as some expert educators talking about science choices in school.

1:11 Kohn Award Lecture – Engaging people with science – Professor Peter Vukusic

6:30  Research Fellows Conference – Dr Stephen Graham and Dr Stephanie Shorge

9:55  Creativity in science – Professor Frances Ashcroft FRS and Andrew Cohen

15:36  Why science? What science? Curriculum choices at 14 – Professor Julia Buckingham and Professor Michael Reiss

22.16  In conversation with Bill Bryson – Jim Al-Khalili and Bill Bryson FRS

29:03 Why Science? – Professor  Michael Reiss

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