September 2014: Newton, sun and ice. This month we take a look at a variety of events that were held at the Society, from the private life of Newton to new approaches in coronal heating. We hear from a volunteer at the Summer Science Exhibition, researchers looking at the ice reduction on the Arctic Sea as well as others that are at the forefront of the field of coronal heating. We also get a fascinating insight into Isaac Newton FRS and the forgotten papers that were found long after his death.

01:30 Dr Sarah Dry on the private life of Isaac Newton FRS

06:39 Dr Ineke De Moortel and Professor Philippa Browning talk about new approaches in coronal heating

10:54  Dr Sheldon Bacon on Arctic Sea ice reduction

16:11  Shomari Lewis-Wilson on his experience of being a volunteer at the Summer Science Exhibition 2014

20:15 Dr Sarah Dry answers why science?

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