This month we explore the colliding worlds of science, art, literature and politics. We learn why space should be observed from above the Earth’s atmosphere, why vaccines don’t always work, and how plastic gave us cinema. We also examine interactions between crystallography and art, popular science writers and their readers, and the contrasting realms of science and politics.

00:30 Astrophysicist Dr Richard Massey on ‘Taking the twinkle out of your eye’

05:40 The Big Draw: Crystallographer Professor Brian Sutton and glass artist Shelley James on dynamic symmetry

09:49 The Big Draw: Science historian Sachiko Kusukawa on the visual culture of science

11:17 Author Mark Miodownik on winning the Winton Prize for Science Books for ‘Stuff Matters’

17:04 Epidemiologist Professor Nicholas Grassly on why vaccines don’t always work

19:13 Four scientists on what they hope to get out of the Society’s pairing scheme

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