In the last episode of the year, we find out what makes the British weather worth talking about, as well as discussing our recent policy report, looking at how humans might be more resilient to extreme weather in future. On a brighter note, we hear about communicating with light through an optical communications project and we chat with the winner of the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize.

00:26 Professor Polina Bayvel on her Royal Society Clifford Patterson lecture

06:58 The Launch of the Royal Society report on Resilience to Extreme Weather

11:41 Professor Doug Parker tells us ‘What makes British weather worth talking about?

18:33 Young People’s Book Prize nominees Christiane Dorion, Katie Daynes and Gill Arbuthnott discuss their books.

23:58 Dr Julie McDougall-Waters and Dr Noah Moxham on the oldest scientific journal in the world

34:00 Commonwealth Science Conference delegate Dr Moses Laman told us, Why Science?

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