In our first podcast of the year we look ahead to the important scientific anniversaries taking place in 2015, including the establishment of the world’s first scientific journal, Philosophical Transactions. Also included this month is the latest from our policy work and a look at how the Society’s Partnership Grant Scheme is allowing students to work alongside a scientist from the University of Birmingham.

02:33 Professor Uta Frith, Sir David Spiegelhalter and Sir Martyn Poliakoff discuss the nature of scientific publishing and its effect on science.

11:15 Eric Gross and Craig Mundie on cybersecurity and privacy.

20:18 Professor Gordon McBean on the role of science in international efforts to reduce risk and build resilience.

23:55 Students from the Corbet School in Shropshire discuss their Partnership Grant project, The Science of Seeing.

26:44 Why Philosophical Transactions?

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