In this month’s podcast, we celebrate scientists working in industry with interviews from our Labs to Riches event. We find out more about handedness, we hear from some of the speakers at the Education World Forum about inspiring students with STEM subjects and we get a glimpse of some of the issues surrounding online privacy. Finally, we get an insight into the UK National Academies’ take on the key priorities and actions for the next Government to make the UK the location of choice for world class research, development and innovation.

01:24 Labs to Riches: Dr Hermann Hauser, Dr Simon Campbell, Dr Jade Alglave and one of the winner of the Brian Mercer Feasibility Award, Professor Mohamed Missous.

05:46  Dr Silvia Paracchini on Why are some people left handed?

10:52  Excerpts from the Education World Forum: Professor Julia Higgins FRS and Sir Martyn Poliakoff FRS

18:09  Joint statement of the UK National Academies and Tackling the great challenges of the 21st century : interview with Sir Paul Nurse FRS, president of the Royal Society and Lord Nick Stern, president of the British Academy

23:41 Professor John Crowcroft FRS on whether our online lives can be private

28:01  Why science from Dr Silvia Paracchini

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