In this month’s podcast, we’re bringing you the future of scholarly communication, the 2015 Leeuwenhoek lecture, the Society’s MP pairing scheme, women writing science and the biggest challenges of the 21st century.


00:53 Origin and evolution of the human brain : Dr Frank Hirt, King’s College, London

05:34  Elizabeth Marincola, CEO of Public Library of Science, on the future of scholarly scientific communications

13:29  Sir Paul Nurse FRS on the measurement of scientific quality and impact in scholarly scientific communications

16:38  Dr Emily Winterburn on Women writing science

21:16 Professor Jeff Errington FRS, winner of the 2015 Leeuwenhoek Lecture

26:03  The great challenges of the 21st century: Sir Paul Nurse FRS and Lord Nick Stern

32.25  MP pairing scheme: Dr Sadia Ahmed

37:29  Why science by Professor Jeff Errington FRS

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