In this month’s podcast we have interviews with the 2015 winners of some of the Royal Society’s most prestigious medals and awards.


00:50 Professor John Ellis FRS, 2015 Winner of the Bakerian Prize and Lecture for his groundbreaking contributions in the physics of the Higgs boson and his attempts at unifying the fundamental forces of nature through his work at the LHC.

03:52 Professor Nick Davies FRS, 2015 Winner of the Croonian Medal and Lecture for his work on the co-evolved responses of brood parasitic cuckoos and their hosts, the process of co-evolution and adaptation and the extraordinary biology of these unusual birds.

09:40 Professor Matt King, 2015 Winner of the Kavli Medal and Lecture for his research in field glaciology leading to the first reconciled estimate of ice sheet contribution to sea level.

15:15 Professor Nick Davies FRS answers ‘Why Science?’


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