Would you like to have your say about our shortlisted books, and be in with a chance to win a prize for your judging panel? If you are taking part in a judging panel for the 2012 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize you and your panel can enter our video review competition.

Work with your panel to come up with an exciting concept for the video review, work out what you would like to say about the books, and then get filming! The adult responsible for your group will need to fill in an online submission form, and then once it is edited together you can send it through to us.

The winning video will be selected by the shortlisting panel and announced at the same time we announce the winning book. We’ll add some of our favourite videos to this page and will edit clips from some of the videos received together into a longer film which will be shown during the award ceremony for the prize.

You can see the ceremony film and the winning video review from 2011 here and if you would like to get involved with this competition talk to the adult responsible for your judging panel.

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