Today, at an award ceremony in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the winner of the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2014 was announced.

The winning book, Eye Benders: the Science of Seeing and Believing, by Clive Gifford, is an exploration of the relationship between your eyes and your brain and explains why what you see isn’t always what is real. Using lots of visual tricks and illusions the book explains what is going on in your brain when you view an illusion and what that tells us about the brain.

The shortlist panel, who chose the six best books from among the entries, said:  “Warning: this book will try to trick you! It is full of optical illusions you can try for yourself, and we love how interactive this is. What this book does really well is explain each trick of the eye through the science behind it. Both fascinating and fun.”

The overall winner was chosen by over 1500 young people in Judging Panels across the UK.


Eye benders cover 250h


With help from consultant Professor Anil Seth, this book packs in cutting-edge science, whilst still being accessible, fun and completely mind-bending!

Congratulations to Clive and to the team behind the book at its publisher, Ivy Kids.


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