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7 Responses to “Ask the author – 365 Science Activities”

  1. Wimbledon College

    Why so many activities and not a lot of facts? Also sometimes the objection of the activity isn’t explained

  2. Boreatton Scout Troop

    We liked this book – lots of things to do! The first thing we tried was the slime (because it looked the messiest!). It was great, so we tried it with ordinary flour after we had run out of cornflour but that was just messy (not messy and weird). It didn’t work with chickpea flour either. What’s special about cornflour?

  3. Sam, 12

    If you were to write it for older children, what experiments would you include?

  4. Frederick Bird Primary School

    As a group, Frederick Bird Primary really enjoyed all of the books and thought that this was one of the most popular books. But our question is, did you choose these experiments from experience?


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