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  1. Boreatton Scout Troop

    We liked your book, and as there were 7 of us we also got your ‘Science Experiments’ book which we liked too – which one do you like best? (we’re not sure which we like best, but the flappy bit bits were a bit annoying when we were trying out messy experiments as we didn’t want to mess them up and they were a bit in the way… they were cool when we were just reading the book though)

  2. Stretford Grammar School

    Why did you decide to use pop-up features in your book?

  3. Stretford Grammar School

    What’s best: writing a book about science or teaching science?

  4. Sicheng, 12

    Where did you find all the information and experiments that you put in the book?

  5. Macrocompassion

    The science of macroeconomics has been badly defined and explained in the past. Perhaps my improved way of explaining it, using a diagram and a mechanical model, will appeal to our younger readers. See working-paper SSRN 2600103 for more about it as well as a reference to my new book, an e-copy of which I can supply on request.


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