Nicola Davies, author.

Hello! It’s time for number five in our interviews with the shortlisted authors…

We met up with Nicola Davies, who’s exceptionally passionate about animals and the natural world and is also a children’s TV legend, having been one of the original presenters of the Really Wild Show – but maybe that’s before your time? She’s also the author of some great kids’ books, including the excellent Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbeswhich, as you know, is on our shortlist this year.

Joining Nicola for the interview was the also awesome Emily Sutton. Emily is an illustrator and is responsible for all of the amazing drawings you see in the book. Why not have a look at more of Emily’s great work?


Emily Sutton, illustrator.

In the interview they answer all of your questions, tell us about how they’re inspired by each others work, as well as revealing what’s next for this delightful duo!

Listen to the interview.



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